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Orlando, FL, USA

Job Type


Role Description

We are looking for Independent Fashion Stylist for our company and clients business. The job would entail advising clients on dynamic styling for visuals. Order clothing, fabrics, accessories, makeup and/or more to facilitate a wardrobe. Coordinates with photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and other industry professionals in order to develop comprehensive looks for clients. Develops exclusive, creative, and unconventional designs. Organizes the wardrobes and outfits designed for a photo shoot or event. Travels in order to find specific fabrics or props. Purchases and organizes necessary props and accessories. Keeps track of current, developing, and changing regional and global trends in fashion and design. Maintains a relationship with magazine publications, retailers, and wholesalers. Adapts to the client’s own interests in color, style, and shape. Coordinates shooting locations. Facilitates any delivery of a design or product and develops new factors and objectives in accordance with market trends. Cover letter and portfolio can be sent to

About the Company

The Modern Feminine is a full-service luxury branding agency for ambitious women looking to create incredible businesses through result-driven strategies, high-quality content, and cohesive branding. The Modern Feminine is on track to becoming the #1 go-to brand that successfully propels ambitious women to create extraordinary lives and multi-billion-dollar brands


  • Possesses strong communicating skills, especially in articulating new designs and products.

  • Exhibits creativity and business sense.

  • Can manipulate various fashion techniques, including mixing different fabrics, colors, and textures.

  • Has the ability to adapt to changes in market interests.

  • Demonstrates basic computer and reading skills.

  • Possesses a keen understanding of the fashions that are acceptable and even expected for different types of events

  • Proven experience of previous work with strong Portfolio

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