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Orlando, FL, USA

Job Type


Role Description

We are looking for an organized and creative videographer to work with our creative team to plan, film, and edit video content according to client briefs. The videographer's responsibilities include ensuring that the necessary filming equipment is available for use, directing other camera operators on set, and editing film footage. Cover letter and portfolio can be sent to

About the Company

The Modern Feminine is a full-service luxury branding agency for ambitious women looking to create incredible businesses through result-driven strategies, high-quality content, and cohesive branding. The Modern Feminine is on track to becoming the #1 go-to brand that successfully propels ambitious women to create extraordinary lives and multi-billion-dollar brands


  • Film videos on set or on location.

  • Ensure that equipment for a shoot is present and working.

  • Plan the shoot with the creative team and the client.

  • Edit footage in post-production.

  • Direct other camera operators so that the needed footage is acquired.

  • Excellent computer literacy.

  • Proficiency with editing software such as PhotoShop.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Relative fitness and stamina to work long hours.

  • Proficiency with camera equipment.

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